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Yes, God! Is a book collaboration between 7 women God bought together for HIS good purpose under the leadership of visionary author, Michele Noel-Peake. And that purpose is to glorify HIM to the world. To show His sons and daughters that there is light at the end of the tunnel! That true life and living begins when you say Yes to God! 

We are ordinary women who have experienced some extraordinary things walking alongside of a supernatural God! Even when we were not aware that God was with us, HE still was! We encourage you that despite your circumstances, your state of mind, your confusion, fear, unforgiveness, abandonment, whatever it is - Our God, is more than able to bring you through it! HE just needs your willingness to surrender it ALL to HIM!

You will see in the pages of this book, in the interviews that we do and the conversations and talks we have, that if GOD could deliver us and use us, HE can do the same for you! Yes, there will be a COST, there will be SACRIFICES but the BLESSINGS will be beyond worth it! 

It has been a great pleasure, delight and joy to experience this journey with such incredible women of God! Our prayer for everyone who reads this book is that you will be MOTIVATED to seek God for yourself, INSPIRED to go deeper in your walk with God and finally, that you will be COMPELLED to say yes to God over and over again!


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