Written by 7 Powerful Women of FAITH!

Yes, GOD! Is far more than a Book. It's way more than just words you say. It's a Lifestyle!

Whether you are afraid to tell God yes or you are simply still on the fence, we have been there ourselves! We want you to know that you can say yes, God afraid. You can say yes, God broken. No matter what state you find yourself in, saying yes, God can break barriers, open doors, set you free! We were not afraid to open up about our struggles, what it Cost us, the sacrifices and most of all we share the Blessings of a Yes, GOD! And so, order your copy today and we promise you will be empowered from our testimonies. Motivated to Seek God yourself. Inspired to go deeper in your walk with Him. And finally we pray you will be Compelled to say Yes God over and over again! 

The Magnificent 7!

7 Powerful Chapters from 7 Powerful Women!

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