Ashley McNeill - Chapter 1

Ashley, opens up about her bouts with darkness and goes deep into how she was able to break free and once again walk in the light with God!


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Crystal Adair - Chapter 2

Crystal shares her struggles with childhood trauma, depression, abuse and more and how Faith was the catalyst to her freedom!


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Catherine Jones - Chapter 3

Catherine shares her early struggles with relationships and situations that stemmed as far back as childhood and how allowing God to lead her changed everything in her life.


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Inga Robinson - Chapter 4

Inga, allows readers to walk in her shoes as she shares how she navigated through early family struggles and trials and tribulations to find her way to forgiveness and walking in the true power of GOD!


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Tammeca Riley - Chapter 5

Tammeca, opens up about her various trials before and after God allowed her to see that she was actually chosen by HIM to endure through them all!  


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Stacy Bradner - Chapter 6

Stacy walks readers through what it's like to say BYE to your old ways and to trust God for your new ways in Him! 


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